Jammer microphones Infratornado no electromagnetic radiation and no white noise. It s the sound pressure! (acoustic radiation pressure).

Set the device emitters in the direction of the person who potentially will record the conversation from 1 to several-dozen meters (the closer the better jamming, recommended distance from 0,5 to 3 m). Please note that the effectiveness of the operation is affected: placement of a suitcase and power intensity of a person protected voice.
(the voice weaker and softer = better the performance).


Type of work: Author’s algorithm for generating a digital signal jamming.
(New software).
Quiet (Some people may hear working mode as fan noise from computer- especially young people).
Remote radio turn on/off, charging indicator and battery status.
Simple operation and maintenance.

Technical characteristics:

  • Maximum range: Indeterminate (depending on the wiretap should be taken approximately 20 meters);
  • Directionality generators: to the horizontal plane 70 ° in a vertical plane 70 °;
  • Power supply: built-in battery or AC adapter 110-230 V;
  • Built-in: rechargeable gel 12V (SLA);
  • Remote control radio: – on and off, an operating range of about 7 m;
  • Radio remote control: Operating frequency 433.92 MHz ISM band;
  • Operating time: of the built-in battery for 6 hours;
  • Continuous operation time: to 3 hours;
  • Charging time: about 6 hours;
  • Weight: 7-8 kg, the range of working temperature of from 0 ° to 40 ° C (32-104 F);
  • Size: 44 x 33 x 10 cm;
  • Warranty: 2 years, Made in Poland.

Jammer Infratornado also prevents leakage of information through wiretaps analog, digital and seismic. The product is camouflaged in a briefcase and has the ability to stationary and mobile. Jammer microphones Infratornado – High power effective jammer listening microphones, audio recorders, analog and digital voice recorders.



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